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What are the Products and Solutions from Semlex?

It is a must for every company to invest in an effective security solution system which can protect their assets and also monitor their employees. There are many security and authentication solution products to choose from such as biometric cards which can range from the following:

-          Civil servant cards

-          Driving licence

-          ID cards

-          Military cards

-          Police cards

-          Residence permits

Working Together with a Dynamic Company

There may be a lot of choices when it comes to security and authentication solutions but every business owner or decision maker must make sure that they only partner with the best in the industry. Whatever security or authentication solution system you may be looking for, you can never go wrong when you partner with Semlex. You can find more details on Semlex on the site

The company was founded by Albert Karaziwan who is passionate with new technologies. The company is known all over the world for their innovative solutions for securing identity documents and as well as biometric identification. The company not only specializes in biometric cards with security features such as the following:

-          Biometric security

-          Electronic chip

-          Guillochis

-          Hologram

-          Metallic ink

-          Microprint

-          OVI

-          PDF 417 bar code

-          Rainbow coloring

-          Serial number

-          UV ink

The company also offers other products such as biometric passports which has met the recommendations from ICAO or International Civil Aviation Organization. The passport also has a MRZ or Machine Readable Zone which is designed to allow automatic reading of the name, birth date, passport number, nationality, gender, expiring date and as well as the personal identification number.

The other products and solutions offered by the company are the following:

-          Visas

-          Civil Acts

-          Stamps

-          SEM

-          E-Gate

-          MBMS or also known as Multi Border Management System

-          Leaflets